Emphasizing soft tissue and joint function

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Get Decompression Traction System (DTS) therapy

DTS therapy can be useful if you have alignment issues in your back or shoulders. Get relief from your pain without surgery; in DTS therapy, you

will be strapped to a table that moves back and forth to apply a decompression force to the discs in

Heal your joints and tissue with the

Graston Technique

We're a certified provider of the Graston Technique, which is particularly helpful if you have chronic back pain. We'll use tools to detect ailments in your muscles and tendons so we can start resolving your ailments right away!


Don't suffer with back pain any longer. Call us today and let us start identifying

your bone or muscle issues so that you can feel better as soon as possible.

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Avoid expensive medical

treatments - come to Lords Chiropractic for reasonably-priced pain relief!

•  Knee pain

•  Elbow pain

•  Carpal tunnel syndrome

•  Bicep and quadriceps pain

•  Joint and muscle ailments

Let us treat your ailments effectively with the

Graston Technique

•  Neck pain

•  Migraine headaches

•  Jaw pain

•  Lower back pain

•  Hip pain

your spine as it stretches out. This will remove pressure from your pinched nerves without having to go through the stress of surgery! DTS treatments typically last between 25-45 minutes each session, with treatment ranging from 4-6 weeks.

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